What’s On

While The Barron is not currently open due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are excited to announce several projects we have been working on over the summer:

the barron library

Hi! My name is Kate Stamoulis and I am this year’s Barron Librarian! Right now we are working on creating a digital database of plays that can be performed in St Andrews.  The library will include plays from various genres (including student written works), diverse categories (LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Feminist plays), as well as works that are in the public domain.  Currently we are working on filling the library with as many titles as possible but once we get the library up and running we also hope to hold socials, workshops and events. So look out for the new Barron Library and exciting events coming your way very soon!

major renovations

While the Barron is closed, it is getting a makeover!  Watch this space for some very exciting news regarding renovations in the new year.

Coming up

Reserve tickets by emailing barronboxoffice@st-andrews.ac.uk or by clicking “book now” under the event you wish to attend.  We’ve got you covered! Click to view calendar